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Top 10 Master Data Management Solutions companies - 2022

According to a recent IBM report, a big trend is on the horizon of more sophisticated master data management (MDM) solutions, where the data and systems are subjected to analysis by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). These tools greatly enhance security by keeping devices safe from malware and other cyber threats. They can spot anomalous behaviour, detect strange activity at ports, and potential efforts at exfiltration.

Together with that, advanced MDM systems can assign or enrol devices with pre-programmed data profiles, VPN access, software, and access privileges. This enables them to track, monitor, troubleshoot, and decommission devices as needed. For example, some MDM tools can wipe device data in the event of theft, loss, or breach. This sophistication is bringing a host of benefits to the MDM landscape that is rife with the cybersecurity threat picture in the light of growing WFM environments.

Another trend is improved security. While MDM has always had security features, the rise of mobility and work-from-home has prompted revising the security space. So the time is ripe for MDM to merge its competencies with unified endpoint management (UEM). Many experts are even coming up with improvised acronyms like UEMS (unified endpoint management and security) to describe this converged market.

At this juncture, there is a variety of MDM solution providers that are entering the market to cater to the different needs of enterprises in the MDM domain. To help choose the solution that best fits their requirement, CIOReview Europe has compiled a list of MDM solution providers.

We present to you CIOReview Europe's, “Top 10 Master Data Management Solutions Providers – 2022.”

    Top Master Data Management Solutions companies

  • By unlocking the value of location data, the company assists customers in making better business decisions and moving forward to a smarter future. Government, utilities, and transportation are the three main sectors in which the company operates. As organisations increasingly require help with tools that can integrate, measure, enhance and improve location data, 1Spatial tends to these needs through their solutions. Where a company requires the integration of spatial and non-spatial data from various externals sources, formats and systems, its technology can audit, improve, integrate and maintains the data to a high quality.


  • dataspot. is a team of experienced experts in data warehousing, BI, architecture, organisational development, and strategy, specialising in metadata management, data governance, data and knowledge modelling, and optimisation of data-relevant processes. The company continues to employ its consulting approach with each of its clients, which is unique, allowing for an easier, more streamlined definition of data governance that ensures each customer grasps the concepts perfectly, bolstering decision-making processes throughout their organisation. In its Data Excellence Framework, all aspects of immaculate data management and data governance are touched upon, driven by metadata.


  • IBsolution is a consulting company specialising in SAP with headquarters in Heilbronn and locations in Germany, France, Bulgaria and Switzerland




    ARHIS provides Master Data Management (MDM), Customer Data Platforms (CDP), and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions

  • Contentserv Group

    Contentserv Group

    Contentserv combines its expertise in developing advanced software with a customer-centric approach to build technology that simplifies and automates product content management

  • Datalumen


    Datalumen offers premier data governance and management services and products that empower organizations to turn their data into actionable information

  • Goldright


    Goldright offers an enterprise suite of comprehensive master data management solutions that significantly simplifies business processes

  • Grenzlotsen


    Grenzlotsen supports businesses in their master data projects, from the planning stage with project management, risk analysis for classification, operational classification and till monitoring of annual changes

  • Stibo Systems

    Stibo Systems

    Stibo Systems’s innovative MDM provides a window of transparency into a business, unlocking the value of data to drive innovation, profitability and growth

  • zetVisions GmbH

    zetVisions GmbH

    zetVisions GmbH develops and implements state-of-the-art IT solutions for legal entity management and master data management

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